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Horn Stuff.


I am a Los Angles based freelance French Horn player and love to perform at live events or record for your soundtracks.

I'm currently the principal horn of the Symphony of the Vines, assistant principal of San Luis Obispo Symphony, and am a member of Santa Monica Symphony, San Fernando Valley Symphony, and a regular sub with New West Symphony.

I have a degree in horn performance from Missouri State University.  I've studied with James Thatcher, Dave Krehbiel, William Capps, Darin Sorley, and Lisa Casey.


I have the equipment, space, and knowledge to record horn tracks for your music and soundtrack projects.  Check out some of my work below.

photo credit: Jay Looby

I was the Director of Photography and arranged and performed the soundtrack to this short film.

Rebekah Abel and I performing a Bipperie.

The trailer to my new short that I wrote, directed, and recorded the horn for.

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